Zodiac Signs Tattoo Designs

Zodiac Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

Zodiac Signs are the Constellation present in the Astronomical ball, around the Sun. We have 12 Zodiac Signs according to the position of sun in 1 year. Every person has a zodiac sign according to his birth date.

In Tattoos – Zodiac or Horoscope signs are very famous in Tattoo culture from the beginning because every person has a zodiac sign which reflects their personality in the way of they are carrying their own personality on their body as a tattoo. Having a Zodiac sign tattoo is very cool is very because a single tattoo tell so many things about your personality.

Small tattoo designs
Zodiac Tattoo signs
  • How to Know your Zodiac Sign for Tattoo ?
  • As we all knows there are 12 Zodiac signs. all signs are divided according to the horoscopic calendar. Every Month Has 1 Zodiac Sign. These signs are defined by birthdates ( 21 March to 20 March ) and Position of Sun and Earth at Particular degree ( 0° to 360° ). The Signs and their date and degree Explained below :-

1.) Aries TattooThis is the First Astrological Sign in the Horoscopic Calendar. People, who between 21 March to 19 April should Aries Tattoo Design because The Sun is 0° to 30° Position to earth in this month. If you are born in between 21 march to 19 april and want to a tattoo done on your body then for Aries sign Tattoo Design as first Tattoo. Aries Tattoo Design signifies the Leadership Quality in you. Sheep is associated with Aries.

Zodiac sign Tattoo Design
Aries Tattoo Design – Zodiac


2.) Taurus Tattoo This the Second Astrological Zodiac sign. It Comes when Sun is 30° to 60° position to earth. April 20 to May 20 Born people are Taurus and They should get Taurus Tattoo Design. Taurus is sign of Strength, bravery and Muscular power so, it is good option a Taurus tattoo if you are Taurus. Taurus can also denotes that you physically fit. That’s why many body builder has Taurus Tattoo.

zodiac sign tattoo design
Taurus Tattoo Design – Zodiac

3.) Gemini Tattoo – This is Third Sign which take place is 21 may to June 20, when the sun is 60° to 90° Position to the earth. Getting a Gemini Tattoo on your body is very interesting because this is the only astrological signs that associated with Twins. If you are Gemini then you should get Gemini Tattoo show the world that you are Gemini. Getting a Gemini Tattoo is the sign of Intelligence.  

Zodiac Tattoo Design
Gemini Tattoo Design – Zodiac

4.) Cancer Tattoo – When The Position of Sun and Earth is 90° to 120°, it brings the fourth zodiac sign, Cancer which take place between 21 June to 22 July.  Crab is associated with this Cancer Zodiac Sign. It is very cool to Cancer tattoo design on your body because Crab is associated to be the Ruler of the Moon from the Very Beginning. Getting a tattoo design of Crab will signifies that your very tuff.

zodiac tattoo design
Cancer Tattoo Design – Zodiac

5.) Leo Tattoo This is Fifth and Most Superior Zodiac sign. 23 July to 22 August born people are Leo when the Sun and Earth is in 120° to 150° position. Lion is associated with Leo so, getting leo tattoo is very good idea for Leos. getting a leo tattoo signifies that you are creative, dominant and helpful.

Zodiac tattoo design
Leo Tattoo Design – Zodiac

6.) Virgo Tattoo – Virgo is the Sixth sign of Zodiac. Persons who born between 23 August to 22 September should get Virgo Tattoo Design. Getting is Virgo sign tattoo is cool because person who got virgo tattoo are related to be very helpful and always smiling. It comes when earth 150° to 180° to sun.

Zodiac sign tattoo
Virgo Tattoo Design – Zodiac

7.) Libra Tattoo  Seventh and Last sign to focus on individuals. Libra people are supposed to be very loyal to their Partners. Getting a Libra sun sign Tattoo is a very good tattoo idea. If you are born in between 23 September to 22 October are Libra and at that time Earth is 180° to 210° to sun.

zodiac sign tattoo design
Libra Tattoo Designs – Zodiac


8.) Scorpio Tattoo This is Eighth and Lethal sign in Horoscopic. As it goes with scorpions, and scorpions are also very popular in tattoos. Youngsters got tattooed of scorpions because of qualities in scorpions like – they are always dead serious always think to achieve their goals. 23 October to 21 November born are scorpio with 210° to 240° degree of sun and earth.

zodiac sign tattoo design
Scorpio Tattoo DEsign – Zodiac

9.) Sagittarius Tattoo This is the Ninth sign .Born between 22 November to 21 December are Sagittarius when earth is 240° to 270° degree to the sun. Sagittarius are related with Arrow that they never miss their targets. that’s why getting sagittarius sign is very cool. this tattoo will give you confidence and motivate to achieve your goals.

zodiac sign tattoo design
Sagittarious Tattoo Design – Zodiac

10.) Capricorn Tattoo – In the days between of  22 December to january 19 when earth is 270° to 300° to sun and who born in this time are Capricorn . This is the Tenth sign in horoscopic chart The best quality of capricorn is that capricorn people are very logical and determined so getting a capricorn is a very good concept in you capricorn.

zodiac tattoo designs
Capricorn Tattoo DEsign – Zodiac

11.) Aquarius Tattoo –  This is the Eleventh sign of horoscopic calendar. when earth is in 300°  to 330°  in the days between 20 january to february 18 is a aquarius month. truth, funny and frank are the quality of Aquarius people. So, getting a aquarius tattoo is very cool.

zodiac sign tattoo design
Aquarius Tattoo Designs – Zodiac

12.) Pisces Tattoo  Twelfth and last sign Zodiac group is Pisces. in the last days of the year between february 18 to march 20. with the degree of 330°  to 360° . Getting a Pisces related tattoo is very good concept because it means you are selfless. so, go for a pisces tattoo.

zodiac sign tattoo designs
Pisces Tattoo DEsign – Zodiac

All Above Zodiac signs are based on English Calendar. But in some origins and religion Zodiac Signs are Based on Name Like in Hindu Religion. These Zodiac by name are explained below :-

Zodiac                                                          Name Initials

  • Aries ( Mesh Rashi )                         –        Ch, L, A
  • Taurus ( Vrushabh Rashi )             –         I, U, E, O, W
  • Gemini ( Mithun Rashi )                 –         K, GH, CHH ,HAA
  • Cancer ( Kark Rashi )                      –          H, D
  • Leo ( Sinh Rashi )                             –         M, T
  • Virgo ( Kanya Rashi )                      –          PE,SH, TH
  • Libra (Tula Rashi )                          –          R, T
  • Scorpio ( Vrishchik Rashi )            –          N, YU
  • Sagittarius ( Dhanu Rashi )           –          BH, DHAA, PHAA
  • Capricorn (Makar Rashi )              –         J, KH, GA  
  • Aquarius ( Kumbha Rashi )           –         G, S
  • Pisces ( Meen Rashi )                      –         DE, DO, TH, JH, CHA, CHE

These Zodiac ( Rashi ) Signs are based on Hindu Religion. If you going to get a tattoo of zodiac sign than not to be confused between both calendars simply ask your elder if you are related to indian religions. if you if you are not going with these religion simply go with english calendar dates to get a Zodiac Tattoo.

If you want information on Tattoo or zodiac sign tattoo designs visit www.tattooinindia.com website which is based on Angel Tattoo Design Studio. Where we do Tattoos by Professional and hygiene method as we have highly Experienced Tattoo Artists in our Tattoo Studio in Gurgaon

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Tattoo of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Dwayne Johnson ( The Rock ) TATTOO Explanation & Meaning

best full sleeve tattoo design
Dwayne Johnson – The Rock’s Tattoo Template

When Someone say – Tattoo on Chest & Arm, The First Name come in our Mind is Dwayne Johnson or The Rock because oh his popularity and good looks. 

About Dwayne Johnson – He is an American Actor & Professional Wrestler, Born 1972 at California. He is famous with his ring name – THE ROCK. He won many Titles in wrestling from 1996 to present. Currently he is a well Known Actor in Hollywood .

Dwayne The rock johnson tattoo
Dwayne Johnson – The Rock showing his Tattoo

About His Tattoos – The Rock – Dwayne Johnson had 2 Tattoos on his body. one is a small ‘Brahma Bull Tattoo‘ on his Right Arm, which is also his icon during wrestling carrier. The other Tattoo is Polynesian Tattoo Covering his Left Upper Arm, Shoulder and Chest. He Got this tattoo in 2003 having many element which makes it Complete.

There are some Elements of ”The Rocks’s” Tattoo that i know and try to Explain Their Meanings :- 

Coconut leave tattoo design
Coconut leaves Tattoo – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Coconut Leaves ( niu ) Tattoo – It is the mostly used and basic element the TattooDwayne Johnson’s mother is a descendant of Samoan chiefs and coconut leaves denotes ‘Samoan Chief-Warrior‘ .

sun tattoo design
Sun Tattoo – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Sun TattooIt is placed on the upper most part of the tattoo. There is sun tattoo in The Rocks Tattoo because in polynesian culture the symbol of sun is the meaning Leadership and Brilliance. It also brings us good fortune


descending swirls free hand tattoo
Descending Swirls – The Rock’s Tattoo Elements

Descending Swirls Tattoo – The Descending swirls placed on outer right side of Great Eye. These symbols describes Past, Present and future which means whatever you done in your past will come back to you in your future 

famous face tattoo deisgn tattoo
Two Eyes – The Rock’s Tattoo Elements

Two Eyes ( o mata e lua ) tattoo – It is the main element on this chest of The Rock Tattoo design. the meaning of ‘o mata e lua‘ is the two eyes of the elders are watching them all the time and protecting them from evil.

best tattoo studio in gurgaon
Great Eye – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Great Eye Tattoo – The Great Eye in this Polynesian Tattoo is placed is Middle of the shoulder. the Great Eye is the symbol of Strength in Samaon Culture. Its built confidence in you to you can take over any enemy because you are the stronger you Enemy

shark teeth tattoo of dwayne johnson
Broken Face – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Broken Face Tattoo Broken face marked by shark teeth is a symbol of Struggle and Hard work and it is place just below the Great Eye. It shows “Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy” that Struggle today will give better tomorrow.

spiritual Tattoo design
Spiritual Warrior – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Follow the Ancestors Tattoo – This Tattoo is very Meaningful tattoo placed on lower most circle of the Polynesian Tattoo. It means the warrior born with supernatural power will follow the his ancestor’s truth and good path. He will never fail in the way of truth.

Best meaningful famous tattoo design
Stone of Achievement – The Rocks’ tattoo Element

Stone of abundance Tattoo The Stones of achievement are tattooed on Around his Bicep. These stones show what he got with his hard work and dedication . He said himself that ” Every Chief Warrior always stands with his People ”.

Tortoise shell tattoo design
Tortoise Shell – The Rocks’s Tattoo Element

Tortoise Shell Tattoo – at the lower part of the polynesian tattoo, there is tortoise shell that shows how dedicated you are. It reflects the evil spirit. It is the meaning of that every warrior should a safeguard  while in battle field .

His Love for His Family

There is “A/ga fa’atasiTattoo just below the sun, Which means “Three people in one” is representing His love to his Wife and his Daughter.

This is Everything, What i know about “The Rock’s” “Polynesian Tattoo“. He also have a have one more tattoo on his right arm Bicep of “Brahma Bull“. but we will discuss on that in an another blog.

Click www.tattooinindia.com for more information on Tattoo and Tattoo culture and know about Tattoos on your Favorite Stars.

You Can Also Visit Angel Tattoo Design Studio to Discuss about tattoo, to get trained in professional tattoo art, Tattoo Prices, Tattoo Combination or Mixup, tattoo coverup, Tattoo products and other tattoo related stuff.

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Geometrical Tattoo Designs

Gemetrical Tattoo Designs

Geometric Tattoo is one the best Tattoo category and it looks very cool after the tattoo done. if you are one wants to get a Geometrical Tattoo on your body then it is important that you know Geometric designs. and you need well experienced tattoo artist to get the job done. here is an example Geometrical Tattoo done by our Tattoo Artist – Satty at Angel Tatoo Design Studio :

Best Tattoo artist in gurgaon
                            Geometrical Tattoo Design

Geometrical tattoos are not like other tattoo categories. it contains lines and dots one certain degree so, your tattoo artist should be perfect in this art. be sure while a shape or designs of your tattoo because it will stay with you until your last breathe.

Best Tattoo artist in gurgaon delhi india
                   Clock – Circular Geometric Tattoo

If you are getting Geometrical tattoo and a circle or triangle present in it, then it should be perfect circle or triangle and lines and dots should be on specific angle in  the way of you tattoo. in the above their are four complete circles present from the exact same axis which  tattoo a attractive look and the inner most in the tattoo which is not colored are exactly on the that angle where the outer most arrow like lines are taking place.

Best Tattoo artist in gurgaon delhi india
               Triangle – Geometrical Tattoo Design

Another wonderful art work by Tattoo Artist – Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio. in this tattoo there is a perfect triangle and a small circle in it. these kind of designs can cover the nature at your back neck there are many factors you can add in your geometric tattoo like – trees, mountain, ground, sun and shadows. in a triangle.

Visit Here www.tattooinindia.com for geometrical tattoo designs

Points to Remember while Getting a Geometrical tattoo on your body

  • Your Tattoo Artist should lot of Experience.
  • You and your Tattoo Artist should know about Geometrical degree lines
  • You should select the Logical or Meaning Tattoo Design. so, that you can explain, if someone asks

All Tattoo above are done Tattoo Artist Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio. If you want Geometrical tattoo and looking for well experienced artist for tattoo. you should  definitely plan your visit in our Studio in Gurgaon – Angel Tattoo Design Studio. or , you can call us at – 08826602967 

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Tattoo by Satty – Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist – Satty

best tattoo artist in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo by Satty at Gurgaon Branch

Satty is one of the best Tattoo Artist we have India. he is the owner and Main Artist at Angel Tattoo Design Studio. he is tattooing since 2008 have lot of Experience in Permanent Tattoo Art.

Best Tattoo artist in gurgaon
Satty Tattoo Artist

Presently he is working in Gurgaon Branch of Angel Tattoo Design Studio. Apart from tattoo he love to paint on canvas and Wall Painting 

Here are Some Beautiful Tattoo Art Work by Satty –

best 3d tattoo in gurgaon
3D Tattoo – This 3D Spider is one the Earlier Tattoo done by Satty at Rajouri Garden – Branch of Angel Tattoo Design Studio 
Best Tattoo artist in india
Shiva Tattoo with Trishul, Om , Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
Best Tattoo Artist in india
Lord Rama Tattoo With Bow
Best Tattoo Artist in Delhi
Tattoo Portrait
Om-Tattoo, OM-Tattoo-Designs,Om-Tattoo-Design-for-Mens
Om Tattoo Design – a religious tattoo done satty with the perfect use of color.
Best religious tattoo idea
Ek Onkar Tattoo
full sleeve tattoo in tattoo gurgaon studio
Full Sleeve tattoo done in tattoo in gurgaon tattoo studio


best tattoo in gurgaon
Dragon Tattoo
Best tattoo artist in gurgaon
Couple Angel Tattoo
Attractive Trishul Tattoo
Trishul Tattoo with om







Best Tattoo Shops in Gurgaon
Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Best Tattoo Studio in Gurgaon

Small Tattoos

Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Birds And Feather Filled Infinity 
Maa paa Tattoo design idea
Love Maa Paa Tattoo







Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Add Infinite Love with Feather as a Tattoo
small tattoo ideas for girls
Small Butterfly tattoo with colours – the use of name and colors with with Butterfly in Awesome








five birds flying small tattoo on wrist
Small Birds Flying Tattoo the most Preferable Tattoo on wrist for Girls
Small tribal tatoo
Small Birds tattoo – How beauty looks filled with black








OM Tattoo – Sikh Religious Tattoo armband and 3D effect.
Best Tattoo Artist in Gurgaon
Tattoo..!!! Colors..!! Full of Nature









Full Sleeve Tattoo

best tattoos full sleeve in Gurgaon
Full Sleeve tattoo done in Gurgaon
best full sleeve tattoo studio in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo in Gurgaon tattoo studio
full sleeve tattoo in tattoo gurgaon studio
Full Sleeve tattoo done in tattoo in gurgaon tattoo studio
best tattoo artist in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo by Satty at Gurgaon Branch


maa paa tattoo design idea for wrist
Maa Paa Tattoo – Heart Beat Works With Parents
small tattoo ideas for boys and girls of crown on wrist
Small Crown Tattoos – Couples King and Queen
Trishul Tattoo With Mantra 







Mahamrityunjaya Mantra with tattoo
Trishul With Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra – Dedicated to Lord SHIVA
Om Tattoo on Bk Neck, Tribal Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo
Trishul tattoos
Trishul with colours







Butterfly on back
Blue Butterfly tattoo – Thats how to Use Colors 
Om tattoo
Trishul With Om Tattoo
little sparrow flyimg tattoo
Best Small Tattoo Ideas







Best Tattoo Shops in Gurgaon
Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Best Tattoo Studio in Gurgaon

This Is the End of your Search If you Looking for Tattoo Artist in Gurgaon or Delhi

All The Tattoos Above done Tattoo Artist Satty at Angel Tattoo Design StudioGurgaon Branch. Please www.tattooinindia.com for more about Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Design and Tattoo Related Stuff or Contact – 08826602967

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Tattoo Appointment

Tattoo is an Ancient Art Form, and now tattoo is like status symbol. people are getting tattoo of custom designs like zodiac signs, tribal, infinity, compass, letters, religious, colored, 3d, Animal, Skull, Angel, Arm Band, Parents Name, Portrait, Birds, Crown and Many More or Simply, you Cant Categories Tattoo Designs when the word custom tattoos came in.

 After Selecting Design or having an Idea about getting a tattoo will force you think about about finding best tattoo shop near you. well, it is simple nowadays, you simply search about tattoo parlor on google or you can reference of your friend who got tattoo from there or having good knowledge about tattoo places. by doing this you can the best tattoo studio near you :-

Best Tattoo Shops in Gurgaon
Tattoo in Gurgaon

Now, we are coming on the topic of TATTOO APPOINTMENT

Taking time for go to go the shop is NOT called an Appointment. it is just your a time that you expected at the time in shop. Tattoo Appointment is much more just taking a time visit that place.

Appointment is an arrangement of getting some business done with specific person at specific place.

Suppose you entered in tattoo studio and see there are too many people around the guy at reception and you have wait for 1-2 hours to just finalize your design. and after your design and price confirmed then you wait for another 2 hours to getting a tattoo. this may affect your time table for that day.

Proper way for Tattoo Appointment :- If you have spare timeMake a call to Tattoo Studio an settle down time with the guy at reception for your tattoo design and price. if your time confirm, then reach the studio at confirmed time. don’t go too early or too late because this affect punctuality. after reaching studio simply show your design (if you have) to the guy at reception or ask him to show some design according to your choice, when the design selection is done he will ask you for the size of your tattoo. IMP Size is very important while getting tattoo your body and Price also came according to the square inch of tattoo size. after finalizing your size and price ask for Tattoo Artist, if the tattoo artist then the most probable chances are your will be done today. If Not, now take Appointment for Tattoo Artist and Submit some Token Money and choose your time for Tattoo. so that Tattoo Artist will be able Tattoo You at your Time.  Appointment without token money will not confirm your Tattoo.

If you don’t spare time :- Make a call to the Tattoo Studio ask them, Is Tattoo Artist Have time tattoo you at that time ? if they say yes, then don’t waste time just to them confirm your design and price and start your tattoo as soon as possible. Note – you have to go to studio exact at time you have confirmed with them.


Feel Free, Follow the Process, this will surely help you to get a Tattoo Appointment. please be co-operative with staff of the studio

This Process is successfully being followed at Angel Tattoo Design Studio. Please visit www.tattooinindia.com for more info about tattoo

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Best Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas

Tribal Tattoos

best tribal tattoo studio in gurgaon
Tribal Tattoo

The word Tribal Means, a shape or design which having tribes. Tribal Design are very famous for Tattoos in ancient times and Even now. the ancient time time tribal tattoo has its deep meaning according to their designs.

best tribal tattoo design studio in gurgaon
Tribal Tattoo Design Shades
Tribal tattoo studio in gurgaon
Tribal Colored Tattoo








Tribal Tattoos are the symbol of Strength and Courage. Most of the Passionate people go for the tribal tattoos as tribal tattoo shows are very expressive.

best tattoo studio in gurgaon
Tribal Scorpion Tattoo
best tattoo shop in gurgaon
Tribal Guitar Musical Tattoo








In Modern Tribal Tattoos they combine the style of the origin and modern features like maori, religious or artistic effects in a complete tattoo.

best tribal tattoo design idea
Tribal With Skull Tattoo
best tribal tattoo design idea for men and women
Tribal Tattoo Design with Star









best tribal tattoo design idea
Tribal Tattoo With OM

Tribal Tattoo design designs are very common in girls/women too. most of the tribal tattoo design comes dark black color, only a few designs above are in colors, so you can add additional in your designs

best tribal tattoo design
Colored Tribal tattoo
Best tribal tattoo design
Superman Daimond Tribal







Explaining Above tattoos done by Artist Akky at Angel Tattoo Design Studio :-

  1. Tribes with maori tattoo designs with filled dark sharp edges.
  2. Tribal Tattoo Art form with mixed shades
  3. Tribal filled tattoo with colors looks like flames with red color
  4. Fine Scorpion tattoo with Tribal endings having shades
  5. Attractive Guitar tattoo with Tribal tattoo form shows your love about music
  6. Skull Tattoo with colored shades in it with Tribal style
  7. Tribes, shading, Star and Tattoo, here is the combination
  8. Tribal Tattoo Designs with addition of hindu Religious Symbol OM (Red)
  9. Normal Tribal Tattoo Looks Awesome
  10. Epic Super Diamond With Roman Number having Tribal Tattoo Designs

If you want a Tribal Tattoo Design, you can come to our studio and select from our huge collection or you can go our custom design or you can visit our site www.tattooinindia.com for more info.

all the Tattoo Above done in our studio in Gurgaon – Angel Tattoo Design Studio by Tattoo-Artist Akky and Satty 

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Tattoo Aftercare and Healing

Tattoo AfterCare Guide

a Tattoo is one of the most dynamic symbols of self expression ever created and it is important to rely on the expert guidance of your tattoo artist for the proper aftercare of your life-long treasure. 

gurgaon tattoo studio 3d best tattoo in gurgaon

A tattoo is a permanent stuff, it may hurt at the beginning but it feels good when we results and it lasts forever. So, don’t be careless at the healing time of the tattoo. its simple you are getting tattoo in modern tattoo studio where you spend your time and money to get a tattoo, then why going cheap in tattoo aftercare product. my advice you to go with the what your tattoo artist says to  you about your skin and tattoo.

Here are some guidelines, tips, do’es or dont’s

tattoo shops in gurgaon
Tattoo Aftercare Form by Angel Tattoo Design Studio

Firstly, you have to follow what your tattoo Artist says. 

TATTOO AFTERCARE – There are different types of tattoo aftercare guide according to your skin, size and placement.

After your tattoo done, your tattoo will be bandaged by Tattoo Artist or by their assistant. So, the first thing came to your tattoo aftercare is BANDAGING

tattoo shops in Gurgaon
  Bandaged Tattoo

Tattoo will look like this, after bandaging. your tattoo artist will guide remove the bandage after 1 to 2 hours. if the gauze stick with the skin ( only in rear case ) then not to worry simply just soak it with the cold water until the wrap loosens then you can easily remove it. Once, your tattoo unwraps wash your tattoo with clean water ( drinking water prefered ). then, clean it with clean tissue paper , Don’t use rough cloth for this.

Ointment – 

After removing bandage and clean the tattoo, tattoo artist at Angel Tattoo Design Studio prefer A & D Ointment to apply gently on the tattoo. this the product we import from U.S.A.  made specially for tattoos. and apply this three times in a day and repeat process for 7 to 10 days until the scabs will came out, Don’t remove the Scabs yourself, it may harm your tattoo.

Some Don’t, when your Tattoo Under Healing :-

  • Don’t remove the Scabs ( dead skin ) yourself. let it be natural
  • Don’t Lift Too much weight, if tattoo is on your arm & avoid gym while tattoo under healing
  • Don’t let your tattoo get dirty, polluted and  cover it from direct sun light
  • Don’t let you tattoo hit by anything ( Specially Sharp pointed )
  • Don’t Re-bandage your Tattoo

There are more things to care about our tattoo. so, stay in touch with tattoo artist or Simply, call the tattoo artist if you have any concern or question. don’t do anything at your own

This tattoo aftercare guide is set by Satty – Tattoo Artist at Angel Tattoo Design Studio

Best Tattoo Shops in Gurgaon

If you have any queries or question related to tattoo, walk in at Angel Tattoo Design Studio, IFFCO Chowk , Gurgaon. or Call Us at 08826602967. Team Angel Tattoo Design Studio will guide you the best about the tattoo.

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Tattoo Materials/Products and Procedure

Tattoo Materials

tattoo shops in gurgaon
Best Tattoo Material used at Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Gurgaon

As the technology of material science and medical equipment is increases, the tattoo products and  materials also evolved in past few years, now that we have achieved that level of technology where – get a permanent tattoo without pain, permanent tattoo removal in possible and all processes comes with harmless method.

Now, lets gat back to the topic of tattoo material/product/equipment. So, First and most important for a tattoo is Tattoo INK.

Tattoo Shops in gurgaon
Tattoo Ink

That’s Obvious to get a permanent tattoo you need best quality permanent tattoo ink. tattoo inks are available in wide range of colors, at Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Gurgaon, we purchased pre-dispersed sterilized NON_TOXIC inks. you should check toxic and sterilized quality and expiry date before buying an permanent ink.

Then, Tattoo Machine.

Tattoo training courses and tattoo shop in gurgaon
Tattoo Machine

This is an normal Permanent Tattooing Machinethese machine use electromagnetic coils to move needle up and down that pushes ink into the skin

have a look at image below to needle moves

Tattoo shops in gurgaon
Tattoo Machine GIF

this tattoo machine contains Sterilized Needle, Disposable Tip for Needle, Electric Motor, Tube system, Grip, Rubber Band, Spring. after combining with machines body, the machine is ready for tattooing, outline, shading, filling etc.

Most of the above parts come with the machine Inbuilt, Then you need to add  Sterilized Needle & Disposable Tip to connect it with Grip and passing needle through hole and tip, make your tattoo machine complete

tattoo shops in gurgaon
Best Tattoo Needles

at Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Gurgaon , we are using Pre-Made Professional Tattoo Needles are Made of 316L Stainless Steel. which is Pre-Sterilized with EO Gas. you must check sterilized quality and expiry date before buying needles because needles are the only thing which pushes ink in our body. we import pre-sterilized needle from U.S.A. according to our quality standards.

Stencil Solution/Gell

Tattoo Shops in gurgaon
Tattoo Stencil Gell

this product may be below in the list but Tattoo Stencil Gell is the first product use while tattooing. after choosing a design, make a hactograph copy at back of the main tattoo design and then use the stencil solution to paste tattoo design on the body, by doing this tattoo artist can easily follow the designs, make the tattoo better.

All the photos of the product are taken at Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Gurgaon. Satty TattooArtist at Angel Tattoo Design Studio also used these product for tattoos

if you are intersted in making tattoos, learning tattoos, getting a tattoo, or to know about any details on tattoo. you can simply call us at 08826602967 or visit our website www.tattooinindia.com 

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3D Tattoo in Gurgaon

       What Makes Tattoo a 3D Tattoo

As we all know, we knows the Meaning of 3D – Three Dimensional world. any thing which have 3 coordinate axis called 3D. where 2D means an object has 2 coordinate axis.

Tattoo ? – these physical terms also applies on tattoos too. 3D is supposed to look like 3D by Human eyes but not in real . no one can produce any 3D thing by tattoo machine, pen or brush you can draw that thing by adding shadows in it ,for example

3D Pencil Work

These planes are in picture had nothing to do with 3 dimensional axis they look like 3D because the artist did the great work by adding shadows in it

gurgaon tattoo studio 3d best tattoo in gurgaon
3D Tattoo in Gurgaon

This is a 3D Tattoo done Tattoo Artist – Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio.  well this spider Tattoo comes with Colouring and Shading to this tattoo a freaky and 3D look. this also makes it more real and attractive. this eye catching 3d tattoo done very nicely by the artsist ( Satty ) at Gurgaon – Angel tattoo design Studio

There are some 3D Paintings done by Shaan. gives you clear Idea how shading works in simple 3D tattoo design

3d tattoo shops in gurgaon
3D Sketch

This is a 3d Draw of Rubik’s Cube done by shaan

3D sketch in gurgaon
3D Sketch shows Dark And Light Shades
3d Sketch in gurgaon
3D Ball Falling on Ground Sketch








3d sketch in gurgaon
3D sketch


3D Tattoo in gurgaon
3D Snake

As you seen above 3D tattoo mainly depends on shading and the tattoo artist. for 3D tattoo you need a design which shading can be added in it. and a well experienced tattoo artist like Satty

Now, as you what a 3D tattoo is, you can simply go to Angel Tattoo Design StudioGurgaon to get a 3D Tattoo 

Visit our Website www.tattooinindia.com to get more 3D tattoo 


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Full Sleeve Tattoos in Gurgaon

Full Sleeve Tattoos

Full Sleeve Tattoos at Gurgaon Branch tattoo studio
Full Sleeve Tattoos

If you are Tattoo Lover, then the way to express your love is to get full sleeve tattoo.

Many peoples are looking for a full sleeve tattoo artist or shops nearby Delhi and Gurgaon,

here is end of search for full sleeve in Gurgaon :-

Best Tattoo Shops in Gurgaon
Tattoo in Guragon

Angel Tattoo Design Studio is Tattoo Parlor in Gurgaon, where you get a complete Full sleeve tattoo, we have well experienced tattoo artists and staff. Our studio in Gurgaon give safe tattoo service high quality tattooing standards.

We have done Many full sleeve tattoo project in our studio in gurgaon, here are full sleeve tattoo projects by Angel Tattoo Design Studio

Full Sleeve Tattoo – 1

best full sleeve tattoo studio in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo in Gurgaon

This is full sleeve done Angel Tattoo Design Studio in Gurgaon

Q – How does a full sleeve Tattoo Starts ? :- Simple, a full sleeve tattoo starts by measuring the size your arm, bicep and wrist.

Arm Measurement

Q – What After Measure Arm Size – After measuring, you can your Main Design or Tattoo. example – in the above tattoo the main tattoo design is lion on Shoulder, this is a main tattoo of your full sleeve tattoo, you can see the lion design below –

full tattoos in gurgaon tattoo studio
First and Main Tattoo of full sleeve tattoo – Stencil Only

After the main design – choose the other material to add into a full sleeve tattoo or you simply ask your tattoo artist to suggest what looks more better on your body.

tattoo sketches full sleeve
Full Sleeve tattoo material

after choosing your designs simply materialize your design in to a chart according to arm measurements :-

full sleeve tattoo design sketches
Full Arm Sized Chart – Tattoo in Gurgaon

Assembling of tattoo design give you clear idea,how your complete tattoo will look after completion –

full sleeve tattoo in tattoo gurgaon studio
Full Sleeve tattoo done in tattoo in gurgaon tattoo studio

This is the safe, best and high quality way to to do full sleeve tattoo at Angel Tattoo Design Studio at Gurgaon Tattoo Studio.

In Gurgaon, Angel Tattoo Design Studio Has done many Successful Full sleeve Tattoo

best full sleeve tattoo studio in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo in Gurgaon tattoo studio

Again with the same procedure of full sleeve tattoo gurgaon studio, in this tattoo done gurgaon branch of Angel Tattoo Design Studio. Simply, first choose your main Design, then choose other tattoo Designs by going to the designer

Then Assemble your designs on one Chart, this will look something like this –

best full tattoo in gurgaon tattoo studio
Full Tattoo designs assemble in one for full sleeve tattoo

you can also some regional wordings or famous quotes or dialogue in your full sleeve tattoo as above In Gurgaon Tattoo studio (Angel Tattoo Design Studio)

best tattoos full sleeve in Gurgaon
Full Sleeve tattoo done in Gurgaon

After Completion of full sleeve tattoo you can pose in style you want or show off your full sleeve tattoo in your family or friend circle 

full sleeve tattoo in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo Posing in Gurgaon

All Above Full Sleeve tattoos Are Done by Satty At ANGEL TATTOO DESIGN STUDIO Visit our website www.tattooinindia.com for more tattoos done in Guragon


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