Best Name Tattoo Design Ideas

Name Tattoo

best name tattoo design ideas
Name Tattoo Design with Smiley

Hey Friends, all of you have heard a statement “What’s in a NAME” at once in life, said by ‘William shakespeare‘. wait, who said that doesn’t Matter

well, William shakespeare lived 500 ago from now this statement could goes right, but in this where we living now, your Name is everything

best name tattoo design ideas
Name Tattoos with lond ends

Name combination with a design will tattoo a new look, you tattoo your name, spouse name, parent’s name would be great.

best name tattoo design idea
Punjabi Name Tattoo
best name tattoo design idea
Simple Name Tattoo design in Color






Size & Placing – the common placing of name tattoo is at Wrist, but as the name tattoos are getting in trends lots of people are placing name tattoos at behind the neck, anke, chest, shouder etc according to the proper size, if you want to show love get tattoo on your chest only that person who close to your heart.

best name tattoo design idea
Name Tattoo With Peacock’s Feather
best name tattoo design idea
Huge 3D Name Tattoo With Bold Letter






Getting a Name will always be in Trend go & find Best Tattoo Artist near you and got inked, you can some best tattoos done by Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio :-

best name tattoo design idea
Huge Full Name tattoo Behind the Neck
best name tattoo design idea
Bold Name Tattoo on wrist
best name tattoo design idea
Name Tattoo in Punjabi Font






best name tattoo design idea
Name Tattoo design idea
best name tattoo design idea
Name Tattoo with Heart And Heart Beat








best name tattoo design idea
3D Name Tatttoo

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Best ArmBand Tattoo Ideas

ArmBand Tattoos

best arm band tatoo ideas

ArmBand Tattoos are one the most popular kind of tattoo. Tribal Arm Band Tattoos are always in trends, these Tattoos are most popular in youngsters after the Bollywood Movie Student of the year, where Varun Dhawan having a arm band tattoo on his right Arm.

Best arm band tattoo deisgn Idea
Armband Tattoo With Infinity design

Barbed wire arm band tattoo is the sign of pain. for those who have painful past are getting barbed wire arm band tattoo

Best arm band tattoo design idea
Barbed Wire Tattoo on Biceps

well, getting a name with armband tattoo is  also a good concept. here you can see the example of Name With Arm Band Tattoo, done Angel Tattoo Design studio

Best arm band tattoo design idea
Name With Arm Band Tattoo

Here You Can see some examples of Band Tattoo done by Angel tattoo Design Studio

best tribal arm band tattoo ideas
Tribal Arm Band Tattoo
best arm band tattoo ideas
Tribal Tattoo of Armband Tattoo on Arm








best arm band tattoo deisgn ideas
Tribal Arm Band Tattoo
best tattoo design ideas of armband tattoo
Tribal Arm Band Tattoo







There are lot reasons to get an Armband Tattoo. if something is important to you, why not get it inked permanently? well, that is the best thing about tattoo.

all the tattoos above done by Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio


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Best Infinity Design Tattoo Ideas

Infinity Tattoo

Best infinity tattoo design ideas
Infinity with Feather and Paws TATTOO Design

Best Tattoo design, OK.  There are so many Tattoo design ideas exists in our mind, these ideas can came form anywhere, like – If you are Religious you can go for OM Tattoo Design, Trishul tattoo design, Khanda Tattoo, Christian Cross, Taijitu and many other tattoo designs. but Today we are going to talk INFINITY Tattoo Design.

 Best infinity tattoo design Idea
Inifinty With Birds, Feather and Love Life

The word Infinity comes from mathematics and physics. Most of the People love Infinity Tattoo Because of its Meaning. Infinity is the symbol of Endless and Limitless

Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Birds And Feather Filled Infinity
Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Infinity Hope and Faith Styled







It Can be tattooed on any part of body like wrist, neck, ankle, forearm, chest etc.

Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Infinity Feather Tattoo



You Can Fill your Infinity tattoo design with your name, your girlfriend/boyfriend’s Name,faith and hope, love life, family and many other custom thoughts or quotes



Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Infinity With Faith And power
Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Infinity Love Feather
Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Infinity With Name Name and Heart








Love with Infinity tattoos Designs are best tattoo designs for the lovers to show their love for each other.

These Beautiful Infinity Tattoo Designs are Done By Satty TattooArtist  at Angel Tattoo Design Studio


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Maa Paa Tattoo Design Ideas

Maa Paa Tattoos

Mother tattoo in sanskrit
Maa Paa Tattoo Design

Parents are the most precious thing in the whole world, specially Maa.  This is the reason why people are getting Maa Paa Tattoo on thier wrist. Maa Tattoos indicate how much you love your mother. after watching Maa paa tattoo design on your body, whole world consider you tattoo as a best tattoo even your Parents.

These are some Maa Paa Tattoo Design Ideas work by Angel Tattoo Design Studio, Have a look :-

3d maa tattoo
Maa Tattoo 3D
Maa paa Tattoo design idea
Love Maa Paa Tattoo








There is no one more amazing than your own mother in this world

Mother tattoo design in hindi
Small Tattoo design of Maa
Small maa paa tattoo design ideas
Maa Tattoo Design
Mom Love Tattoo design idea
Mom I Love You Tattoo
mother tattoo design idea
Mother Tattoo with Heart Beat













Your Parnts took more pains than you can imagine to grow you into a nice person, so it only makes sense if you a took little bit of pain to show her just how much you love them by getting Maa Paa Tattoo

Small Maa Paa tattoo design Ideas
Maa Paa Tattoo Design
Small maa paa tattoo design idea on wrist
Maa Paa Color Tattoo
maa paa tattoo design ideas
Maa Paa Tattoo Design
maa paa tattoo design idea for wrist
Maa Paa tattoo design
mother tattoo in sanskrit
Maa Tattoo
Maa paa tattoo design idea in sanskrit
Maa Paa Tattoo





















Maa Tattoo is always in trend, it never hurts so simply go to best tattoo parlour near you and give your mom a gift that last forever.

Tattoo Credits goes to Angel Tattoo Design StudioTattoo by Satty

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30 Best Small Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Small Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Small sparrow tattoo on wrist
Sparrow on Wrist -1

Today, we are to talk about Small Tattoos, not only Girls even Boys love to make small on their wrist, ankle or neck. but before we get started doing tattoos on our Body parts, we have to clear some doubts or concerns :-

Here are some concerns of many peoples about tattoos, who came to us and says that are bit nervous about permanent tattoo. if you are having the same concern, then i will tell you technology has gone too advance  nowadays. Inks we use today is friendly to skin is good even big tattoos, inks will easily be saturated with skin and cause no damage


Small tattoo on shoulder
Alphabet Tattoo – 2
small star tattoo with alphabet
P With Stars – 3
small tattoo on wrist
Alphabet Tattoo – 4





well, most people like tattoo o their wrist as you can in above photos, small tattoos looks good on other body parts.

see some other small tattoo ideas in our next photos, Tattoo Credit Goes to –  Angel Tattoo Design Studio 


small Butterfly tattoo with colour
Blue butterfly tattoo -5
Small Beautiful peacock on Ankle with colours
Peacock on Ankle – 6
Small tribal tatoo
Small Birds tattoo – 7





ankle tattoo of small birds
Small Bird Tattoo on Ankle – 8
five birds flying small tattoo on wrist
Small Birds Flying Tattoo – 9
Small tattoo for dance lover
Small Dancing Tattoo – 10






These small Tattoos looks pretty cool and nice, also these tattoo can put anywhere and easily noticed by people around you.

Check out these awesome and original small tattoo ideas and designs :

Small tattoo of bat with with colours
Small Bat Tattoo – 11
Small tattooIdeas for girls
Small Tattoo Ideas for Girls – 12








small tattoo ideas on ankle
Small Tattoo Ideas – 13
small flower tattoo ideas for girl with colour on wrist
Small Flower Tattoo – 14
small tattoo ideas for girls on wrist
Small Flower Tattoo ideas – 15
small tattoo ideas for boys and girls of crown on wrist
Small Crown Tattoos ideas – 16
small key tattoo for wrist black
Small Tattoo Ideas for Key – 17
wanderlust tattoo ideas on neck
Small Tattoo Ideas for Traveler -18
small tattoo ideas for sea lover fish tattoo
Small Tattoo ideas with Colour – 19




















small tattoo ideas for girls with key and honesty written on it
Small Key Tattoo with Word – 20








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10 Best Trishul Tattoo Designs

Trishul Tattoo Design

Trishul Black & White

Trishul is mainly a Hindu religious symbol associated with lord Shiva. Getting trishul tattoo is always in trend though new trishul tattoo designs always keeps on coming.

Here are some of the best small trishul tattoo designs if you are planing to get a tattoo done.
Trishul Tattoo Design With Om
Trishul With OM

Trishul tattoo can be also mixed with other positive symbols like OM. Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Hindu religion. Om with trishul will also make a complete tattoo design.




Black Tattoo Trishul
Tribal Black Trishul

Tribal Black small size trishul tattoo is also a good concept for a simple tattoo as a beginner.




Mahamrityunjaya Mantra with tattoo
Trishul With Maha Mritunjaya Mantra

Trishul With MahaMrityunjaya Mantra is also a great concept for Tattoo. महामृत्युंजय मंत्र  is a verse of the Rigveda. It beguns with a prayer to the ancient deities in the 59th sukta,

on Trishul Mahamrityunjaya mantra will make a good Tattoo




Trishul tattoos
Trishul with colours

If in your interest, you can also add some colours in design and can get colour trishul tattoo. Even a little color in flag/cloth around trishul can make a difference.


Tattoo artists also keep good collection of trishul tattoos being in demand. So you can always have a look at the design collection of the tattoo shop to opt the design from.

Attractuve Trishul Tattoo
Trishul Tattoo with om
Trishul with Om mix
Tattoo with om
Trishul With Damru of shiva



Om tattoo







Trishul Tattoo













About Trishul – Trishul is a word of Indian Language HINDI, which means Trident in English. It is Indian religious symbol of Hindus. It has a Three Headed Spear mounted on a staff like Stick. It is associated with Hindu Gods Lord Shiva, Ganesh, Shani & Mangal and Goddess Maa Durga, Maa Kali. It also represent its place in Human Body as it had Three Head as Ida, Pingala and Shushmana


Trident – In other believes it comes with Three Pronged Spear.  It is used as Polyarm for Spear Fishing, Tridents also used as Weapon in Combat. Its is Used by Neptune God of Sea In Classic Mythology, Its is also Known as  Dangpa  in Korean Martial Arts as Weapon in 17th Century System


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OM Tattoo Designs For Men and Girls and its Meaning

Om-Tattoo, OM-Tattoo-Designs,Om-Tattoo-Design-for-Mens
Om Tattoo Design

In Sanskrit, the meaning of Om is avati, or rakuati. Rakuati means ‘One who protects, sustains’. Its a common religious word among Hindus, Buddhism and Jaininsm. As per Hindu Vedas, Om is a discipline of universe since beginning…  “bhutau bhavad bhaviuyad iti sarvam Omkara eva” means What had happened before, what us now and what will be later – every thing is just OM. This is why om is also considered as name of Lord Shiva. With different religious scripts, we have different fonts of Om, i.e. Tibetan om, Balinese om etc.. Om is also related to energy of the body which we receive from surrounding or universe. Its also calm us when chanted. So its a very powerful and meaningful tattoo for one who has believe in it.

Here is an example of a simple OM Tattoo i made on shoulder with yellow/orange background and little tribal work around it to add some volume to the design.

When Comes to Tattooing, OM can be a very interesting and unique Tattoo Design. :

Om-Tattoo, Om-Tattoo-Design,Best-Om-Tattoo-Design
Om Tattoo


Almost every   Tattoo Artist will have wide range of OM Tattoo Designs for you to choose from, or you can also put your thoughts and share with your tattoo artist to come up with unique design. Here is an example of simple OM tattoo done by me in Black color with little green at top dot.

Color Om Tattoo


Here is another example of combination of OM with tribal Energy ball and suitable for Back Neck. This Tattoo is done by an artist at Angel Tattoo Design Studio from Delhi Branch. Such om pattern combined with tribal work can also be placed on shoulder/ deltoid or chest also. Done with pure black ink with little red dot in whole design.

Om, Om-Tattoo,Small-Om-Tattoo-Design
Om Tattoo Design

Another example of stylish OM Tattoo design for Girls. This tattoo is done by

me at Angle Tattoo Design Studio on back shoulder. 

Om Tattoo, Om Tattoo Designs
Om Tattoo

However simple, but impressive tattoo design especially for those who

are looking for small size OM tattoo Designs.

Simple-Om-Tattoo, Balinesse Om, small-om-tattoo-designs
Om Tattoo

3D Tattoos are taking major part in tattoo trend these days. Even OM can 

be designed as a 3D Tattoo. Here is an example of 3D OM tattoo design 

done by me at Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Gurgaon branc

3Dom-tattoo, om-tattoo-design,om-tattoo-design-for-mens
3D Om Tattoo

Om Tattoo done at Back neck by Angel Tattoo Design Studio with Brush strok effect

simple-om-tattoo-designs, om-tattoo,om-tattoo-designs
Om Tattoo

Simple OM Tattoo done with tribal Black Ink at Back neck. Tattoo by Angel Tattoo Design Studio


Om Tattoo

 Here are more 10 best OM Tattoo designs to choose from :

Om Tattoo, Om-Tattoo-on-wrist,Small-om-tattoo-design
Om Tattoo
OM-Tattoo-Design (5)
Om Tattoo
OM-Tattoo-Design (7)
Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo Designs
Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo Design
Om Tattoo on Bk Neck, Tribal Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo

OM-Tattoo-Design (18)

OM Tattoo