OM Tattoo Designs For Men and Girls and its Meaning

Om-Tattoo, OM-Tattoo-Designs,Om-Tattoo-Design-for-Mens
Om Tattoo Design

In Sanskrit, the meaning of Om is avati, or rakuati. Rakuati means ‘One who protects, sustains’. Its a common religious word among Hindus, Buddhism and Jaininsm. As per Hindu Vedas, Om is a discipline of universe since beginning…  “bhutau bhavad bhaviuyad iti sarvam Omkara eva” means What had happened before, what us now and what will be later – every thing is just OM. This is why om is also considered as name of Lord Shiva. With different religious scripts, we have different fonts of Om, i.e. Tibetan om, Balinese om etc.. Om is also related to energy of the body which we receive from surrounding or universe. Its also calm us when chanted. So its a very powerful and meaningful tattoo for one who has believe in it.

Here is an example of a simple OM Tattoo i made on shoulder with yellow/orange background and little tribal work around it to add some volume to the design.

When Comes to Tattooing, OM can be a very interesting and unique Tattoo Design. :

Om-Tattoo, Om-Tattoo-Design,Best-Om-Tattoo-Design
Om Tattoo


Almost every   Tattoo Artist will have wide range of OM Tattoo Designs for you to choose from, or you can also put your thoughts and share with your tattoo artist to come up with unique design. Here is an example of simple OM tattoo done by me in Black color with little green at top dot.

Color Om Tattoo


Here is another example of combination of OM with tribal Energy ball and suitable for Back Neck. This Tattoo is done by an artist at Angel Tattoo Design Studio from Delhi Branch. Such om pattern combined with tribal work can also be placed on shoulder/ deltoid or chest also. Done with pure black ink with little red dot in whole design.

Om, Om-Tattoo,Small-Om-Tattoo-Design
Om Tattoo Design

Another example of stylish OM Tattoo design for Girls. This tattoo is done by

me at Angle Tattoo Design Studio on back shoulder. 

Om Tattoo, Om Tattoo Designs
Om Tattoo

However simple, but impressive tattoo design especially for those who

are looking for small size OM tattoo Designs.

Simple-Om-Tattoo, Balinesse Om, small-om-tattoo-designs
Om Tattoo

3D Tattoos are taking major part in tattoo trend these days. Even OM can 

be designed as a 3D Tattoo. Here is an example of 3D OM tattoo design 

done by me at Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Gurgaon branc

3Dom-tattoo, om-tattoo-design,om-tattoo-design-for-mens
3D Om Tattoo

Om Tattoo done at Back neck by Angel Tattoo Design Studio with Brush strok effect

simple-om-tattoo-designs, om-tattoo,om-tattoo-designs
Om Tattoo

Simple OM Tattoo done with tribal Black Ink at Back neck. Tattoo by Angel Tattoo Design Studio


Om Tattoo

 Here are more 10 best OM Tattoo designs to choose from :

Om Tattoo, Om-Tattoo-on-wrist,Small-om-tattoo-design
Om Tattoo
OM-Tattoo-Design (5)
Om Tattoo
OM-Tattoo-Design (7)
Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo Designs
Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo Design
Om Tattoo on Bk Neck, Tribal Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo

OM-Tattoo-Design (18)

OM Tattoo