Geometrical Tattoo Designs

Gemetrical Tattoo Designs

Geometric Tattoo is one the best Tattoo category and it looks very cool after the tattoo done. if you are one wants to get a Geometrical Tattoo on your body then it is important that you know Geometric designs. and you need well experienced tattoo artist to get the job done. here is an example Geometrical Tattoo done by our Tattoo Artist – Satty at Angel Tatoo Design Studio :

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                            Geometrical Tattoo Design

Geometrical tattoos are not like other tattoo categories. it contains lines and dots one certain degree so, your tattoo artist should be perfect in this art. be sure while a shape or designs of your tattoo because it will stay with you until your last breathe.

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                   Clock – Circular Geometric Tattoo

If you are getting Geometrical tattoo and a circle or triangle present in it, then it should be perfect circle or triangle and lines and dots should be on specific angle in  the way of you tattoo. in the above their are four complete circles present from the exact same axis which  tattoo a attractive look and the inner most in the tattoo which is not colored are exactly on the that angle where the outer most arrow like lines are taking place.

Best Tattoo artist in gurgaon delhi india
               Triangle – Geometrical Tattoo Design

Another wonderful art work by Tattoo Artist – Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio. in this tattoo there is a perfect triangle and a small circle in it. these kind of designs can cover the nature at your back neck there are many factors you can add in your geometric tattoo like – trees, mountain, ground, sun and shadows. in a triangle.

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Points to Remember while Getting a Geometrical tattoo on your body

  • Your Tattoo Artist should lot of Experience.
  • You and your Tattoo Artist should know about Geometrical degree lines
  • You should select the Logical or Meaning Tattoo Design. so, that you can explain, if someone asks

All Tattoo above are done Tattoo Artist Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio. If you want Geometrical tattoo and looking for well experienced artist for tattoo. you should  definitely plan your visit in our Studio in Gurgaon – Angel Tattoo Design Studio. or , you can call us at – 08826602967 

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