Best Name Tattoo Design Ideas

Name Tattoo

best name tattoo design ideas
Name Tattoo Design with Smiley

Hey Friends, all of you have heard a statement “What’s in a NAME” at once in life, said by ‘William shakespeare‘. wait, who said that doesn’t Matter

well, William shakespeare lived 500 ago from now this statement could goes right, but in this where we living now, your Name is everything

best name tattoo design ideas
Name Tattoos with lond ends

Name combination with a design will tattoo a new look, you tattoo your name, spouse name, parent’s name would be great.

best name tattoo design idea
Punjabi Name Tattoo
best name tattoo design idea
Simple Name Tattoo design in Color






Size & Placing – the common placing of name tattoo is at Wrist, but as the name tattoos are getting in trends lots of people are placing name tattoos at behind the neck, anke, chest, shouder etc according to the proper size, if you want to show love get tattoo on your chest only that person who close to your heart.

best name tattoo design idea
Name Tattoo With Peacock’s Feather
best name tattoo design idea
Huge 3D Name Tattoo With Bold Letter






Getting a Name will always be in Trend go & find Best Tattoo Artist near you and got inked, you can some best tattoos done by Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio :-

best name tattoo design idea
Huge Full Name tattoo Behind the Neck
best name tattoo design idea
Bold Name Tattoo on wrist
best name tattoo design idea
Name Tattoo in Punjabi Font






best name tattoo design idea
Name Tattoo design idea
best name tattoo design idea
Name Tattoo with Heart And Heart Beat








best name tattoo design idea
3D Name Tatttoo

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Temporary Tattoo of Name

Name Temporary Tattoos

best temporary name tattoo
Name Temporary Tattoo

Temporary Tattoo is a very good Idea, temporary tattoo are not very expensive as compare to permanent tattoo. it lasts for 4 to 7 days only. temporary tattoos are the best way to show your love to your Loving peoples by adding their names on their Birthdays or Special events.

best temporary tattoo name
Temporary Tattoo Name of your Loved Ones

There are two ways to make Temporary Tattoos – Freehand Brush & Air Brush ( Stencils )

FreeHand Temporary Tattoos – The traditional way to make Temporary tattoos is freehand with brush. you can see the example below, this free hand tattoo is done by Artist Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio

temporary tattoo of name
Free Hand Temporary Tattoo

With Stencils And Air Brush – At Angel Tattoo design Studio we facility choose your Design for temporary. you can choose your name in different types of fonts and design. we also have in-house Stencils making facility in our studio.

temporary tattoo of name
Air Brush And Custom Stencils

Differ From Permanent Tattoos – Temporary  tattoos are completely different from Permanent Tattoo. we don’t use any Needles or any permanent ink accessory, so it doesn’t pain at all.

You can see some temporary tattoo works below, Done by Angel Tattoo Design Studio

name temporary tattoo
Temporary Name Tattoo with Heart
father temporary tattoo
Best Temporary Tattoo








You Can fill temporary Name tattoo with Heart, Infinity, Feather, Flags, Symbols etc

temporary tattoo of name stencils
Dad’s Lil Angle Temporary Tattoo
temporary tattoo of names stencils
Name Temporary Tattoo








Temporary Tattoo Cost – Well, Costing of Temporary Tattoo depends on the Size and colours in your Tattoo. The Basic Prices Starts from Rs. 500/- which contains 5 Sq. Inch Temporary Tattoo. if you want to increase the size of tattoo, this will cost Rs. 100/- Per Additional Sq. Inch, as then you can go for even Bigger Tattoos. it is far cheaper than Permanent Tattoos.

temporary tattoo
Free Hand Temporary Tattoo
Best Name Temporary Tattoos
Name Tattoo








And we also do customizable tattoo as your choice  :-


tattoo in gurgaon gurgaon tattoo studio temporary tattoo in gurgaon
King and Queen Crown Temporary Tattoo

This is our most recent Temporary tattoo of custom script and design by airbrush tattoo

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