Importance of Professional Tattoo Training

How to be a Professional Tattoo Artist ?

There are many ways of learning in most of field like :- Practicing, by watching videos, reading articles, asking questions or self training but in the case of Tattoos, you need some some professional guidance because it’s not just Art it is a Technique of fill ink in a human body for permanently. There are some basic Highlights of Why you need Professional Training to become a Tattoo Artist ? :-

To get knowledge about Equipment :- 

tattoo making classses
Some Tattoo Equipments

This is the Prior Lessons while learning tattoos that you have knowledge about every equipment while making tattoos


Tattoo Machine :-

Tattoo training courses and tattoo shop in gurgaon
Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machine is the Prime equipment for Tattooing  it consists grip, tip, needle, rubber band, electric coils and power source while making tattoos.


Knowledge about Skins :- While tattooing, you inject ink directly into the skin. so, you should know in which layer of the skin you should inject ink. There are also some specific parts of our body where you shouldn’t do tattoos like :- Finger, palm hand, foot , elbow etc. there are some reasons why not to do tattoos on finger but the most logical reason is that tattoos on finger got fade earlier.

Tattoo Inks :-

tattoo training class
Tattoo Ink

Tattoo inks are combination of pigment. Tattoo inks are evolved in many years in the process of pigmentation.  There are many types of tattoo inks available in the international market and local market for tattoos as well. so, you need to know which ink should be used on which kind of skin.


Color Tattoos and Color Inks :-

colors tattoo training institute
Colored Tattoo INKs

Adding ink to the body is just a first step in tattoo making. To be professional tattoo artist you should know how to fill colors in a tattoo. and without knowing working method of colored tattoo you can’t do colorful tattoos. Specially in India, we have different kind of skin structure. so, it is very important to learn about colored inks if you want to do Tattoos in India.


Tattoo in “Sittings” or Big sized Tattoos :-

best tattoo artist in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo by Satty at Gurgaon Branch

When you are doing Black Tattoos and colorful tattoos. you will start getting big size tattoos like – Full sleeve tattoo, full back tattoo, thigh tattoo, armband tattoos, Shading and Portrait tattoo etc. To do this kind of tattoos you need to know the proper working of tattoo healing and work process re-working and lining and shading.

Tattoo AfterCare :- Tattoo can be made on different kind of skins and every skin has a different healing process. so, you have to guide, those who got tattoo from you according their skin structure. In Tattoo Aftercare you will guide them about Tattoo Healing, Tattoo Products, and Precautions. you can visit our Tattoo Aftercare page on our Official Website to know information about tattoo after care.

There are some Other Basic points to know if want become successful tattoo Artist, which you can learn only from Professional Tattoo Artist :-

  • Re-Inking in old or fresh Tattoos
  • Cover up Tattoos
  • Different type Shading techniques
  • Tattoo related Arts – Pencil Shading, Sketching, Painting 
  • Other Necessary Equipments.
best tattoo training school in gurgaon
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Visit our Official Website of Angel Tattoo Design Studio and Tattoo Training section or Call us at 088266-02967 for any kind of information about tattoos and tattoo training in Delhi or Gurgaon – India.

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Tattoo of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Dwayne Johnson ( The Rock ) TATTOO Explanation & Meaning

best full sleeve tattoo design
Dwayne Johnson – The Rock’s Tattoo Template

When Someone say – Tattoo on Chest & Arm, The First Name come in our Mind is Dwayne Johnson or The Rock because oh his popularity and good looks. 

About Dwayne Johnson – He is an American Actor & Professional Wrestler, Born 1972 at California. He is famous with his ring name – THE ROCK. He won many Titles in wrestling from 1996 to present. Currently he is a well Known Actor in Hollywood .

Dwayne The rock johnson tattoo
Dwayne Johnson – The Rock showing his Tattoo

About His Tattoos – The Rock – Dwayne Johnson had 2 Tattoos on his body. one is a small ‘Brahma Bull Tattoo‘ on his Right Arm, which is also his icon during wrestling carrier. The other Tattoo is Polynesian Tattoo Covering his Left Upper Arm, Shoulder and Chest. He Got this tattoo in 2003 having many element which makes it Complete.

There are some Elements of ”The Rocks’s” Tattoo that i know and try to Explain Their Meanings :- 

Coconut leave tattoo design
Coconut leaves Tattoo – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Coconut Leaves ( niu ) Tattoo – It is the mostly used and basic element the TattooDwayne Johnson’s mother is a descendant of Samoan chiefs and coconut leaves denotes ‘Samoan Chief-Warrior‘ .

sun tattoo design
Sun Tattoo – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Sun TattooIt is placed on the upper most part of the tattoo. There is sun tattoo in The Rocks Tattoo because in polynesian culture the symbol of sun is the meaning Leadership and Brilliance. It also brings us good fortune


descending swirls free hand tattoo
Descending Swirls – The Rock’s Tattoo Elements

Descending Swirls Tattoo – The Descending swirls placed on outer right side of Great Eye. These symbols describes Past, Present and future which means whatever you done in your past will come back to you in your future 

famous face tattoo deisgn tattoo
Two Eyes – The Rock’s Tattoo Elements

Two Eyes ( o mata e lua ) tattoo – It is the main element on this chest of The Rock Tattoo design. the meaning of ‘o mata e lua‘ is the two eyes of the elders are watching them all the time and protecting them from evil.

best tattoo studio in gurgaon
Great Eye – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Great Eye Tattoo – The Great Eye in this Polynesian Tattoo is placed is Middle of the shoulder. the Great Eye is the symbol of Strength in Samaon Culture. Its built confidence in you to you can take over any enemy because you are the stronger you Enemy

shark teeth tattoo of dwayne johnson
Broken Face – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Broken Face Tattoo Broken face marked by shark teeth is a symbol of Struggle and Hard work and it is place just below the Great Eye. It shows “Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy” that Struggle today will give better tomorrow.

spiritual Tattoo design
Spiritual Warrior – The Rock’s Tattoo Element

Follow the Ancestors Tattoo – This Tattoo is very Meaningful tattoo placed on lower most circle of the Polynesian Tattoo. It means the warrior born with supernatural power will follow the his ancestor’s truth and good path. He will never fail in the way of truth.

Best meaningful famous tattoo design
Stone of Achievement – The Rocks’ tattoo Element

Stone of abundance Tattoo The Stones of achievement are tattooed on Around his Bicep. These stones show what he got with his hard work and dedication . He said himself that ” Every Chief Warrior always stands with his People ”.

Tortoise shell tattoo design
Tortoise Shell – The Rocks’s Tattoo Element

Tortoise Shell Tattoo – at the lower part of the polynesian tattoo, there is tortoise shell that shows how dedicated you are. It reflects the evil spirit. It is the meaning of that every warrior should a safeguard  while in battle field .

His Love for His Family

There is “A/ga fa’atasiTattoo just below the sun, Which means “Three people in one” is representing His love to his Wife and his Daughter.

This is Everything, What i know about “The Rock’s” “Polynesian Tattoo“. He also have a have one more tattoo on his right arm Bicep of “Brahma Bull“. but we will discuss on that in an another blog.

Click for more information on Tattoo and Tattoo culture and know about Tattoos on your Favorite Stars.

You Can Also Visit Angel Tattoo Design Studio to Discuss about tattoo, to get trained in professional tattoo art, Tattoo Prices, Tattoo Combination or Mixup, tattoo coverup, Tattoo products and other tattoo related stuff.

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Tattoo by Satty – Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist – Satty

best tattoo artist in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo by Satty at Gurgaon Branch

Satty is one of the best Tattoo Artist we have India. he is the owner and Main Artist at Angel Tattoo Design Studio. he is tattooing since 2008 have lot of Experience in Permanent Tattoo Art.

Best Tattoo artist in gurgaon
Satty Tattoo Artist

Presently he is working in Gurgaon Branch of Angel Tattoo Design Studio. Apart from tattoo he love to paint on canvas and Wall Painting 

Here are Some Beautiful Tattoo Art Work by Satty –

3d tattoo designs
3D Tattoo – This 3D Spider is one the Earlier Tattoo done by Satty at Rajouri Garden – Branch of Angel Tattoo Design Studio 
Best Tattoo artist in india
Shiva Tattoo with Trishul, Om , Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
Best Tattoo Artist in india
Lord Rama Tattoo With Bow
Best Tattoo Artist in Delhi
Tattoo Portrait
Om-Tattoo, OM-Tattoo-Designs,Om-Tattoo-Design-for-Mens
Om Tattoo Design – a religious tattoo done satty with the perfect use of color.
Best religious tattoo idea
Ek Onkar Tattoo
full sleeve tattoo in tattoo gurgaon studio
Full Sleeve tattoo done in tattoo in gurgaon tattoo studio


best tattoo in gurgaon
Dragon Tattoo
Best tattoo artist in gurgaon
Couple Angel Tattoo
Attractive Trishul Tattoo
Trishul Tattoo with om







Best Tattoo Shops in Gurgaon
Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Best Tattoo Studio in Gurgaon

Small Tattoos

Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Birds And Feather Filled Infinity 
Maa paa Tattoo design idea
Love Maa Paa Tattoo







Best infinity Tattoo Design Ideas
Add Infinite Love with Feather as a Tattoo
small tattoo ideas for girls
Small Butterfly tattoo with colours – the use of name and colors with with Butterfly in Awesome








five birds flying small tattoo on wrist
Small Birds Flying Tattoo the most Preferable Tattoo on wrist for Girls
Small tribal tatoo
Small Birds tattoo – How beauty looks filled with black








OM Tattoo – Sikh Religious Tattoo armband and 3D effect.
Best Tattoo Artist in Gurgaon
Tattoo..!!! Colors..!! Full of Nature









Full Sleeve Tattoo

best tattoos full sleeve in Gurgaon
Full Sleeve tattoo done in Gurgaon
best full sleeve tattoo studio in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo in Gurgaon tattoo studio
full sleeve tattoo in tattoo gurgaon studio
Full Sleeve tattoo done in tattoo in gurgaon tattoo studio
best tattoo artist in gurgaon
Full Sleeve Tattoo by Satty at Gurgaon Branch


maa paa tattoo design idea for wrist
Maa Paa Tattoo – Heart Beat Works With Parents
small tattoo ideas for boys and girls of crown on wrist
Small Crown Tattoos – Couples King and Queen
Trishul Tattoo With Mantra 







Mahamrityunjaya Mantra with tattoo
Trishul With Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra – Dedicated to Lord SHIVA
Om Tattoo on Bk Neck, Tribal Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo
Trishul tattoos
Trishul with colours







Butterfly on back
Blue Butterfly tattoo – Thats how to Use Colors 
Om tattoo
Trishul With Om Tattoo
little sparrow flyimg tattoo
Best Small Tattoo Ideas







Best Tattoo Shops in Gurgaon
Angel Tattoo Design Studio – Best Tattoo Studio in Gurgaon

This Is the End of your Search If you Looking for Tattoo Artist in Gurgaon or Delhi

All The Tattoos Above done Tattoo Artist Satty at Angel Tattoo Design StudioGurgaon Branch. Please for more about Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Design and Tattoo Related Stuff or Contact – 08826602967

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